To all Real Estate Investors

real estate InvestorsDear real estate Investor,It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to make money from the property business. In fact, it’s as easy as A-B-C. All you need to do is to sell the property that you buy at a higher price than what you paid for it!

So why isn’t everyone making a killing in this business if it’s that easy? Good question. And I have the answer for you. The problem lies in finding the cheap houses to buy that are profitable. It’s not easy to find people that are willing to sell their houses at rock-bottom prices, below the average market value or willing to take a loss for their property.

The sellers who are willing to sell at cheap prices are normally the desperate sellers who need to get rid of their property as fast as possible. Why? It can be:investing in real estate
In foreclosure
House vacant
Tax liens
Expired Listing
Estate sale
Behind in payments
100% financed
Job transfer or relocation Making 2 house payments
Or for any other reasons. Whatsoever. We don’t really care what the reason is. But the point is, we help them to get rid of their house by buying at a VERY REASONABLE price. Then we can sell it to ‘normal’ buyers at a much higher price without any problems.

You see, finding buyers is not a problem. Finding desperate sellers is a PROBLEM.
Desperate sellers are the type of people that will help you to earn profit. And guess what; you are adding value to them at the same time by buying up their house. So everyone wins.

What happen if …
I can get desperate sellers to contact you each month begging you to buy their house/property at the price you want that you know you can make profit out of it? And yeah, you just sit still and let them come to you. You don’t even need to lift a finger until you decide to talk with them!

Doesn’t that solve your problem to be a profitable real estate investor?

The good news is, I have this solution in my hands. Pinch yourself if you want to make sure you are not dreaming because you have just discovered the ultimate solution to find ‘desperate’ sellers.

Let me tell you how this system works in a 6th grade explanation:

There’s a website called where desperate sellers all across the United States will give me their full details about themselves and their house they are trying to get rid of. These prospects are top-graded leads because they go to the site and are ready to do anything to have their house sold.

These are the details included when they want to sell their house:

First Name:
Last Name:
Alternate Phone#:
How did you hear about us?:
Property Address:
Zip and more ,.

As a real estate investor, you would probably realized that this information are pure gold in value. These details  will make a real estate investor rich.


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Hear what our customers have to say!:
“I was transferred jobs out of state and needed to sell my house immediately. presented a reasonable cash-offer on my property which I gladly accepted. I received a check in less than one week. I would highly recommend their service. Thanks!”  Paul Diaz

I was tired of being a landlord and chasing the rent month after month. I contacted
bigrealestateagent.comand they purchased the property “As-Is” with the existing tenants. They even handled all the repairs. I was able to get a check in a week and I purchased a new truck and took a long vacation. Thank You for helping me get rid of my headache!    Mark Neverette

“Due to a job layoff I was unable to make my mortgage payments. I contacted a representative from and met with them the next day. They purchased my house from me and leased it back to me for 3 month’s. I dont know
what I would have done if I had not found”      Linda Lawrence

“I was less than a week away from being foreclosed on. I contacted and they met with me the same day! They gave me several options to help me out of the situation I was in. They ended up making up all the back payments and purchased my house for a fair price. Thanks!      Jim Brandt