lone worker devices and estate agents

Estate agents throughout the United Kingdom and elsewhere have many duties. The same goes for managers, who can keep their teams safe with a lone worker device. Below is information on what estate agents do, what managers do and how they can keep their team of estate agents safe.

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Types Of Estate Agents

There are five main types of estate agents, with them being residential sales agents, residential lettings agents, commercial sales agents, commercial lettings agents and rural estate agents. Some agencies specialise in sales and lettings, while some focus on one aspect of the industry. Generally speaking, the duties of estate agents are similar.

Estate Agents And Their Duties

Estate agents go out to the properties they are trying to sell for their clients or let for their clients. They discuss a number of details with sellers and landlords, such as what features the property has and they take photographs of the properties they are trying to sell or let.

Agents are also trained in how to value properties, which is essential if they are trying to sell properties on behalf of clients. Not only that, but when they have all of the necessary information, they put together marketing and promotional content to attract potential buyers and those looking to let a place.

They also represent sellers if prospective buyers want to negotiate the price of a property. Other duties they perform is advising clients on what they should buy or let based in information they have gathered about the clients.

These are only a few of the duties estate agents perform regularly.

What Do Managers Do

Managers run the day to day operations of an estate agency, with one of their main duties being they manage a team of agents. They recruit potential team members and train them to do the best job possible and they communicate with the agency's clients, while working on getting new clients. These are only a few of the things estate agency managers do.

How They Can Keep Their Team Safe

There are a number of ways managers can keep their team safe, which is one of the manager's most important duties. As previously mentioned, managers can equip their team with a lone worker device, which has a number of features to keep lone workers safe. For example, they come equip with an alarm that will scare off a potential attacker and managers will know exactly where their workers are, thanks to GPS technology. Besides using such a device, managers can keep their team safe by frequently communicating with them when they are out in the field alone, as well as contact them before and after they arrive at a viewing.

Estate agents do a lot of work and so do estate agency managers. As previously mentioned, one of the most important duties managers have is to keep their team of agents safe when they are out working alone. It doesn't matter where in the UK agents are performing their duties, it is a good idea to bring a lone worker device with them.